La Colectiva Internacional de Arte Emergente en la Campiña de Sevilla, acerca el arte contemporáneo de artistas de todas las nacionalidades al corazón de Andalucía (España).

En pleno centro de la Campiña de Sevilla, donde ©Mombó Art Gallery desarrolla su actividad presencial, se realiza esta exposición donde confluye una miscelánea de estilos artísticos, participando artistas emergentes que inician su andadura en el mundo del arte en consonancia con otros artistas vinculados a la galería que ya gozan de prestigio internacional.

Un evento único, en un entorno privilegiado. Colaborando con sus salas de exposiciones el Espacio San Jerónimo, un edificio que se remonta a 1.558, antiguo colegio y casa de Jesuitas, convertido en hospital en el Siglo XVII, destinado hoy día para usos sociales y culturales.

Dossier de la Exposición


I am very happy, my piece "A Bout by Fever" has been included in The Corona sample! Shut down ?. This call is promoted by The Wake Up! Memorial, a dynamic platform open to react on current developments in human civilization through art.
The Corona crisis is demanding from people around the globe to reduce their social contacts in order to avoid a rapid spread of the virus.
The new show case is representing an act of solidarity for the victims of the pandemic and a warning alike addressed to the human population on Earth to rethink the current values of the individual and the society as a whole.

The show case - Corona! Shut Down? is integrated in NewMediaFest2020 / as an active corporate part

The full video is available at my
#videoart #newmediafest #thewakeupmemorial


Very happy to participate with my work "The woman destroyed"in the exhibition Werner Nekes: Uliisses 1982 (Kino Klub Split, Croacia) "Outsiders Inside" (Canonic Experimental Conventions Vol II) is a collection of shorts made by insider/outsider video artist and filmmakers. Theses artists share a passion for making work that is uncompromised, non-linear, hand-fashioned and wildly creative in making highly personal films and videos that defy even experimental and avant-garde conventions. They are outsider artists looking inside as much as they are insider artists looking out at us. Their shorts leap off the screen with their wildly imaginative excesses as they redefine the art of personal filmmaking and video art, by trangressing borders and expectations. 

Guest Curator: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster is an experimental filmmaker as well as an author, artist, activist and Professor of Film Studies and Women's Studies in the United States.

#videoart #experimentalfilm


Exposición colectiva online

Fechas: 25 de junio al 28 de agosto de 2020
Inauguración: 25 de junio, 19h.
Organización y comisariado: Mujeres Mirando Mujeres
Colabora: Galería Alalimón

Artistas:  Aitziber Urtasun, Carmen Chacón, Clara Rossy Ramirez, Elvira Martos, Florencia Kettner, Gertrudis Rivalta, Iris García-Merás Fernández, Isabel Chiara, Isabel Flores, Julia Martínez, Laia Noal, Lola Eiffel, Maite Ortega, Mercedes Bautista, Neves Seara Palacio, Nuria Lago, Prado R. Vielsa, Rebeka Elizegi, Rocío Bueno y Ruth Lodeiro.


I am very honored to share space in this book with admirable colleagues.

Collage By Women presents 50 international women artists working in the field of collage today through a rigorous selection of their works. The book gives space to voice from all backgrounds, origins, and artistic expressions, and shows the wide variety of perspectives that are shaping the panorama of collage today, bringing to light a parallel affervescence of female artistic initiatives around the world.

Paper collage Serie made during confinement.

Paper and gold bread collage Serie  
30x30 cm.

I am really happy to have accepted the invitation of Drapht,  to perform the video animations for "Arabella Street",  their latest record.


The Human Factor 

Paper collage serie 50x50 size

Paper collage 35x35 cms

2018 will be the start of collection #Donne presenting 5 releases featuring works by female composers.

I am very honored to participate in this project, a Independent classical music label dedicated to producing exciting, innovative and high quality recordings combining outstanding musical talent and imagination.

Drama Musica focus on bringing freshness to the early music repertoire as well as exploring works by women and by Brazilian composers.

Uniquely, Drama Musica also provides an international platform for renowned Brazilian artists introducing them to a global audience.

Paper collage
Size 50x50 cm

 Still Life with a Figure