Paper collage, size 50x35 cm

Collaboration with Juan Ibañez to create a collection of gifs with the new Silestone® colour, Acqua Fraccaroli.

Cover and artwork for the storybook "Singing in paper", of Peruvian singer Richard Villalon, published by Ediciones En Huida.

Shot me down Serie #collage #papercollage
Size 70x70 cms
Work in progress

Paper collage size 30x40 cm.

Open Memory is an evolving and experimental project with another artist, Isabel Pérez del Pulgar. We want to build a theoretical approach to "visions," and to the archetypal models and roles attributed to women, using humor as a tool to parody and irony in order to demonstrate social concerns and criticize stereotypes. The parodies and exaggeration guide the narrative thread in the video performances, to make it clear [that we are] ridiculing the roles culturally assigned to women. And we do not forget [to critique what is considered] unacceptable behavior by many women.

The Paradise

Cutaway shot

Old Motion test

OPEN MEMORY - Isabel Pérez del Pulgar / Isabel Chiara

Art work in collaboration with the great photographers

¿Cómo se besa una ciudad? 
Intervención de Un encuentro en la calle

¿Cómo se besa a una ciudad? Buena pregunta...un grupo de 9 collagistas y fotógrafos, acompañados del poeta Juan Carlos Bertorelli, vamos a intentar responderla de la siguiente forma. A partir de ahora, cada 2 meses, cada uno de nosotros, en sus respectivas ciudades, dejará como regalo uno o varios kits, con una pequeña selección del trabajo tanto nuestro como de los otros participantes, para que los encuentre y se los lleve el primero que pase. De esta forma, pretendemos esparcir belleza en los lugares en que vivimos. 

How does one kiss a city?

Good question…a group of 10 collage artists and photographers will try to answer it doing the following. Each one of us, in our respective cities, will leave one or several kits with prints of a selection of our collective work, for someone to find them and take them home. In this way, we hope to spread a little bit of beauty around the places we live in, or travel to. For those who would like to put chance on their side, each one of us will leave hints of the kits´whereabouts in our Facebook and/or Instagram accounts. The cities playing along –and getting kissed- this time around, are Barcelona (Nicanor García), Bilbao (Amalia Pereira & Ernesto Velasco), Buenos Aires (Carolina Chocron), Caracas (Juan Carlos Bertorelli), Frankfurt (Alexandra de Kempf), México DF (Hans Kritzler), Miami (Claudio Napolitano), Sevilla (Isabel Chiara) y Palencia (Marianna Di Ferdinando).

When will this happen? The first time, of course, will take place on International Kiss(ing) Day, Monday, April 13th.