I am very honored to share space in this book with admirable colleagues.

Collage By Women presents 50 international women artists working in the field of collage today through a rigorous selection of their works. The book gives space to voice from all backgrounds, origins, and artistic expressions, and shows the wide variety of perspectives that are shaping the panorama of collage today, bringing to light a parallel affervescence of female artistic initiatives around the world.

Paper collage Serie made during confinement.

Paper and gold bread collage Serie  
30x30 cm.

I am really happy to have accepted the invitation of Drapht,  to perform the video animations for "Arabella Street",  their latest record.


The Human Factor 

Paper collage serie 50x50 size

Paper collage 35x35 cms

2018 will be the start of collection #Donne presenting 5 releases featuring works by female composers.

I am very honored to participate in this project, a Independent classical music label dedicated to producing exciting, innovative and high quality recordings combining outstanding musical talent and imagination.

Drama Musica focus on bringing freshness to the early music repertoire as well as exploring works by women and by Brazilian composers.

Uniquely, Drama Musica also provides an international platform for renowned Brazilian artists introducing them to a global audience.

Paper collage
Size 50x50 cm

 Still Life with a Figure